Did you know that 46% of case workers quit in the first 13 months? A child with one caseworker through a year has a 74% chance of finding a permanent placement. However, that rate drops to 17% when two caseworkers are involved and 5% with three. We hope to decrease the burn-out rate of case workers through encouraging them with prayer and small gifts.

Each month, we buy supplies and put together encouraging gifts for the case workers, supervisors and program assistants at the Texarkana, TX, Texarkana, AR and Atlanta, TX offices. In total, we provide around 60 gifts each month. It’s not much, but these small gifts are given to them to brighten their day and remind them that they are doing a great job!

We have community members ask us all the time how they can help if they are not able to foster. This is a wonderful way you can get involved in FSO. We have a small budget for this, so we are always supportive of being able to get extra gifts for them. You could get a group of friends to all go in together or you could do this as a Sunday School class, youth group, leadership team, etc. You would be responsible for purchasing the items and putting the gifts together. Once you are finished, you can coordinate with us a time to bring them to our office and then we will get the gifts to the case workers.

Here are some examples of gifts we have put together in the past.

If you are interested in providing some case worker gifts, please call/text Alyssa Beach at 903-329-0566 or fsoalyssa@gmail.com.

by Alyssa Beach

Assistant Director

Alyssa runs the Parents' Night Out, Caseworker gifts and keeps the office running.