Our goal is to help YOU. We believe children should stay with their biological family if it is a safe place for them.

We help you thrive as a parent. We want to be your support system as you raise your child. If you are struggling, we will NOT judge you. We will show you God's love and walk along side you and your family.

Who is this program for?

-        This program is to provide support to biological families with new babies who are struggling, but not endangering their child/children to the point of needing DHS/CPS removal.

-        Signs of struggling could look like poverty, food insecurities, previous removals, poor parenting techniques, lack of support system/resources, etc.



What does this program provide?

-        The worker will go into the homes of the biological families weekly to provide the support needed for the families to take steps to become a healthy, thriving family.

-        The intent of this support is to prevent the families from reaching the point of removal of their children from their home and to prevent potential abuse and neglect.

-        Lauren is not a licensed social worker, and will not be providing services beyond support and techniques for the families to utilize.



If you think a you or a family you know would benefit from our support:

-      Contact Lauren Crow at 9

-      If the family is unwilling to accept the support right away, please provide them with Lauren’s email address and phone number.

Big brother is reading to his little sister who is looking at the camera with a cute expression.

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