What is the Blessing Boutique?

One of the ways we support foster and bio families in our area is through our Blessing Boutique. Inside our office we have a store that consists of clothing, shoes, diapers, wipes, underwear, socks, car seats, cribs, and other various baby items. These items range in size from preemie to adult sizes for teenagers. We can provide these items for free to families because they are donated to us by our wonderful community. This room is set up just like a store so families can still get the luxury of shopping and not digging through bags and boxes to find items. Since our Blessing Boutique consists of items of all sizes that need to be organized and displayed correctly, it takes a lot of time and effort. We thrive off volunteers to make this happen! Read below to find out exactly what you would be doing if you volunteered in our Blessing Boutique.

How to Volunteer

If you volunteer in our Blessing Boutique, you will come to our office at 422 Hickory St, Texarkana, AR. You will begin with sorting through new donations that we have not looked through yet. This includes separating the clothes by gender, size, and season. We keep the current season of clothing displayed in our Blessing Boutique by either hanging them on racks or storing them in baskets that are labeled with size. If new donations consist of off-season clothing, you will still separate them by gender and size and put them in our storage room where we have portable hanging racks and plastic storage tubs. While working in our Blessing Boutique, you will also be removing items that have been donated that we cannot keep and bagging them up to re-donate or throw away. Thankfully, we receive an abundance of donations, so we are able to keep the items that are in great shape. All the children we support, whether foster or bio, deserve to dress in nice, stylish clothing just like any other child.

Reasons for not keeping items:

They have holes or stains

The items are outdated and not something children today would wear

The items are very worn and not in good shape

The baby clothes have the word mommy, daddy, grandma, or grandpa on them

The items list school names, church names or destination tees/dates

What do we accept?

We receive calls and messages on a regular basis about donating items to our Blessing Boutique. We accept items that are either new or gently used. We ask that you call/text our office or message us on social media to check and see if we can accept your items. There are times when we are not able to accept any new donations because we have a surplus of items and not enough volunteers to help sort through everything. Once we can accept donations again, we will post on our social media what sizes we have room for. Other than clothing, we can ALWAYS accept car seats that have not expired and have not been in a wreck, pack n plays, and cribs (taken apart with the hardware and some type of instructions included) that were manufactured after 2012 and do not have the drop-down sides. We are so blessed to have such amazing support from our community! Please consider volunteering so we can make room for even more donations and keep our current donations organized and easy for families to shop through.

You can volunteer during our office hours Tuesday/Thursday 9-4, Wednesday/Friday 9-3. Please reach out to us before you plan on coming to make sure we do not have an event or meeting conflict.

Call/text 903-329-0566

Email fsoalyssa@gmail.com

Message us on Facebook or Instagram

by Alyssa Beach

Assistant Director

Alyssa runs the Parents' Night Out, Caseworker gifts and keeps the office running.