Let your ministry be the difference in the lives of many

We help you find your path, show you the way, and equip you with the resources you’ll need to make a difference.

The church has been called to care for orphans just as God always has and will, Your church makes the difference. Your church could be the connection between a child and their future family.

Just as ride-sharing and home-sharing services have unlocked value and connection in places where it didn’t exist before, CarePortal enables care-sharing: a method of collaboration that empowers people to share the responsibility of caring for people in need. Right now, in real-time. For the Sake of One is an Implementing Partner for CarePortal and we want your church to get involved!!

For the sake of one helps churches find the resources and support you need to build fostering ministries in your congregation

This begins with equipping your church family to effectively support the families in your church who are already actively fostering or adopting.

Then it involves helping members of your church who feel called to adopt, foster, or support active families – not to mention connecting them with resources and Biblical guidance they desperately need. Child Protective Services, fostering agencies, and various other organizations are excited about partnering with your church to help children get adopted and families get the support they need!

How We Help You

Churches who partner with us enjoy the following benefits:

  • Trauma-informed training based on the TBRI strategies from Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross from the TCU Institute of Child Development for ministry leaders and families.
  • Connection and networking with fellow churches who partner with For the Sake of One.
  • Access to events and activities with other organizations partnered with FSO.
  • Supportive foster/adopt-specific guidance, training, and mentoring from our experienced, trained staff.
  • A greater impact on families in crisis as a body.
  • Sign up to help with local needs as a CarePortal Church.
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