The TBRI® empowering principles are designed to help children by supporting their physical needs and teaching them self-regulation skills.

Empowering principles is a term used in the TBRI® model. It describes the attention to addressing the physical needs of a child and their felt safety. Empowering principles help children learn important skills like self-regulation. There are two types of empowering strategies:

Physiological Strategies, which focus on the internal physical needs of the child. These include things like hydration, blood sugar and sensory needs.

Ecological Strategies, which focus on the child’s external environment include things like transitions, scaffolding (guided support appropriate to a child’s level that facilitates learning), routines and daily rituals.

This training is great for all people who work with children.

Lunch and Training certificate are included in the $20 fee. FREE for all case workers and foster/adopt parents!!

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TBRI Empowering Deep Dive

9 am


3 pm

Heritage Church