Correcting Principles in TBRI® helps parents EFFECTIVELY address problem behaviors AND maintain healthy relationships!

Within Correcting Principles, there are two types of strategies: proactive and responsive.

Proactive strategies are about balancing structure and nurture to build trust.

Responsive strategies are structured and easy to learn, although learning new parenting skills can often be difficult.

In TBRI®, there are three goals for Correcting:

  • Connected: Parent maintains connection with child (not disruptive to the relationship)
  • Content: Children end the episode feeling content (not discouraged or shamed)
  • Change: Behavior change occurs (for the positive)

The goal is real behavioral change…

…not simply stopping the behavior at that moment.  In fact, through the Correcting Principles, the goal is for your child to gain mastery of important life skills and even strengthen your relationship through the process.

Lunch and Training certificate are included in the $20 fee. FREE for all case workers and foster/adopt parents!!

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