We are a ministry in Texarkana seeking to advocate for the foster and orphan care community.


It is the mission of For the Sake of one to assist with the reunification of families through five areas:


  1. Maintaining a resource room for current foster families. Many times, when children are removed, they are not allowed to take anything with them to their new home. With this resource room, foster parents get essentials to care for a new child.

  2. "Adopting" case workers. We hope to decrease the burn-out rate of case workers through encouraging them with prayer and treats.

  3. Mentorship for the biological parents. We desire to build relationships with parents who are fighting to get their kids back and help them find the resources they need to meet their goals including giving rides to visitation and court.

  4. Recruit new foster families. At the time of writing this there are 107 children in Miller county and 117 children in Bowie county in foster care. There are only 12 foster homes in Miller County and 15 foster homes in Bowie county. That means that if each home is at max capacity, we can only provide a bed for 54 of the 220 children that are currently in care in the Texarkana area while the others get sent away as far as Fayetteville and Dallas.

  5. Support current foster families. Every other month, we have a Foster Parents’ Night Out. Many foster parents never get a break because of the requirements from the state so we give them a night off. We have monthly support groups for foster and adoptive parents that are hosted by local churches. We also provide school supplies and Christmas presents for all kinship and foster placements from Miller, Bowie, Cass, and Little River counties.

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